Friday, 27 February 2009

Update on estimated opening date

The matting is planned to be fitted on 9th-10th March- route setting should be under way straight after this. As soon as this is done, we should be open!
Prices are on the website- I will try to upload a registration file so you can complete this and save time when you make your first visit.


  1. Great! Are you going for english tech grades or Font grades?

  2. Hi- we definitely won't be doing english tech grades, as these are obsolete for bouldering.(Sundorne is pretty much unique in using english tech grades). The circuits will be as per fontainebleau- coloured circuits representing an overall band of difficulty, rather than grading specific problems.
    On the comp problems, we might grade these- it depends to some extent on the route setter!
    We'll also have some long traversees which will probably be french sport grades, as will the routes on the roped wall.
    I hope this all makes sense!