Monday, 28 December 2009

t-shirt weather-over christmas!

Thanks to Geoff for holding the fort over the Christma break. This allowed us to get up to Yorkshire for a few days, where we managed to climb in sunshine for 3 days in succesion. Only the central Consenting Adults" area was really dry at Malham, but it seemed a real bonus to be getting anything done considering the amount of snow around. I haven't seen snow in this ountry lik this for a long time. The top of the cove had a substantial cornice along the rim, and throughout the day this came crashing down in mini-avalanches - all very alpine.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Circuits now available as downloads

I'm updating all the new circuit info by putting it onto downloadable sheets on our website:
These show each problem, how hard/easy it is compared to the circuit average, and can be used for your own ticklist if so desired.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas presents!

Our latest order has arrived in time for Christmas, and we have lots of nice stuff in, from Prana beanies and chalkbags through to Metolius crash pads. As we are now doing gift vouchers, you needn't agonize too much over what to buy your other half.

Autumn Aggregate

This has now finished, and I'll put the results up on the website and on the blog asap. We'll present the prizes on Friday night after the bouldering comp- thanks to everyone who competed.

Good results at midland Youth comp

Quite a few of our junior climbers turned out for Sunday's round of the Midland Youth Climbing Series Full results haven't been published yet, but Duncan Gladwin did particularly well in winning his group- congratulations Duncan!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Opening hours

We'll be open at the following times over the holiday period:

Christmas Eve 24th: 12- 5pm



Sunday 27th Dec 12-6 pm

Monday 28th Dec 12-10 (normal opening hours)

Tuesday 29th Dec 12-10

Wednesday 30th 12-10



Saturday 2nd Jan- 9.30-7 pm (normal opening hours)

We are running childrens clubs each day through the holidays when open- 1-3pm

Xmas opening times

Lots of people have been asking me what hours we are open over Xmas/New Year- I'll put something on the website, and on the blog, later today. We will be having a couple of days off, but there will still be chance for you to burn off the Christmas over-indulgence.

The heat, the dust...

After the recent cold spell we've now installed a space heater which certainly takes the edge off the chill. Hardcore boulderers needn't worry- it cost too much to get the building really tropical, so the friction should still be good!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Junior Circuit, comps etc

As the aggregate draws to a close on Friday, and we have a bouldering comp the following friday (11th December) we've been thinking about the next re-set. One plan is to put in a specific junior circuit- shorter reaches between problems, though not necessarily all easier problems.
On the subject of the bouldering comp, Percy Bishton is down again to set the problems, together with Jamie Cassidy, another setter for international comps, and who was involved in the build. It will be good to see Jamie again, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the problems he sets. During construction we had a few of his problems up on the wall to play on.