Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Last couple of days finishing off the construction- then it is a question of decorating and getting the matting in. The picture shows a new "wave" addition which will give some interesting problems. Andy and co. had constructed this section, along with a couple of others, but we had a spare section left over. It was too nice a piece of wall not to use, so this is where it ended up.


  1. Now thats an interesting section!

    I know its a bit early but just wondering if you have given any thought to how the membership will work? Would we have to pay to become a member and then pay each time we visited?

  2. Hi Tom
    There won't be any membership fees other than a nominal £1 one-off registration fee. We want to encourage new visitors, not put them off. Prices are now uploaded on the website.

  3. looking good, cant wait to get on it!

    (oh and cheers for the comment,I didn't realize anyone had set foot in that place for years)